Another year has passed, and it inevitably brings reflection upon the experiences and accomplishments of the past twelve months, and a look forward to speculate on what lies ahead.  2014 was my tenth year as a practicing hypnotist, and it was my best year so far.

I started a new video blog series with Dr. Mani Saint-Victor, a cognitive neuroscientist.  We're exploring the links between the physical structures and networks in the brain, how hypnosis works, and how you can use that knowledge for better success and achievement.  It's been an exciting and educational project.

We also created a free 10-hour introductory course here on this site.  It provides a basic overview of hypnotism, a way to "dip your toe" into the pool of knowledge and consider whether you might like to use hypnosis more in your life.

In 2015, we'll open our first courses in stage hypnotism training and consulting hypnotism training.  We'll also offer courses that support hypnotists who are already in practice in developing stronger skill sets and building more successful businesses.  It's an exciting time!

We hope that you'll be part of the journey in 2015.