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You Get Access to FIVE Hypnosis Training Programs

You can subscribe monthly, or get lifetime access with a one-time purchase.

Learn at your own pace with our multi-modal learning programs.  Text-based content, infographics, pre-recorded demo videos, and archived Zoom meetings cover the concepts and demonstrate the techniques so you'll get it right.  You'll get access to private Facebook groups where you can connect with other students, and you'll be able to attend live webinars that rotate throughout the year for the different classes, giving you the chance to interact with instructors in real time, ask questions, and get advice.

  • Beginning Hypnotism

    Sells individually for $297.

  • Learn Self-Hypnosis

    Sells individually for $147.

  • Demonstrational Hypnotism

    Individually priced at $247.

  • Consulting Hypnotism Methods

    Individually priced at $997.

  • Stage Hypnotism

    Individually priced at $997.

Learn Self Hypnosis

Whether you're just starting to learn about hypnotism, or you're a practicing hypnotist, self-hypnosis has something to offer everyone.  It is the ultimate personal mastery tool.

This online hypnosis training teaches multiple self-hypnosis methods, and spends a lot of attention on how to create suggestions properly.  Archived videos let you get explanation and perspective from the instructors, and new rotations of live webinars happen quarterly.  Subscribers can drop in on live webinars as many times as they want.  This course is a GREAT resource for your personal development.

Online Hypnosis Training

This online hypnosis training course teaches the beginner's skill set for hypnotism.  Suggestibility tests, inductions, deepeners, and emergence.  Recorded videos show you how to do the techniques safely and effectively.  If you want to start hypnotizing people, this is the course that will get you on your way.

The course is designed for those who are already trained in hypnotism, but want to use flashier hypnotic techniques to impress audiences as a way to get corporate accounts or generate more leads from civic groups.  Fast induction techniques and accelerated fractionation are taught so that you can get people hypnotized quickly and demonstrate your skills faster than you would in a traditional client consultation setting.

hypnotist online training

This online hypnosis training teaches how to do change work with people.  How to do an intake that will get you information to help you design hypnotic suggestions, choose the right inductions and deepeners, and build customized approaches that will help people let go of bad habits and create powerful new practices.  This is not a certification program, but it is the content our certification program uses.

learn stage hypnosis online

Paul Ramsay has been touring the United States since 2004.  He has hypnotized over 30,000 people and performed for over 200,000 people in high schools, colleges, corporate events, fairs, and campgrounds.  This is your chance to learn from a veteran stage hypnotist with nearly two decades of experience.