Invest in Yourself.
Empower Yourself.
Use What You Learn to Help Others.

Have you felt like something is missing in your personal development?

Do you want to know more about how the mind and the body can work together to create greater health, wealth, and abundance?

Would it feel good to share what you learn with others and help people live happier lives?

Hypnotism is all about focusing the mind's power so that we can fully leverage our inner resources.  Training as a hypnotist will give you skills that few people in our modern world possess.  You'll learn how to create change at the deep level of the mind.  You'll be able to help people clear bad habits, eradicate limiting beliefs, and claim their individual power.

When you complete our training, you will earn a credential as a certified hypnotist. But you don't have to start a hypnotism practice; you could use the skills learned in this class to manage your employees more effectively, help your children get better results at school, or strengthen the relationships in your life.

You see, only about 50% of the students in our classes enroll because they want to be hypnotists.  The other 50% take the course  to further their own personal development.  When you learn how to fully engage the power of your mind, amazing things happen.

Enrollment is currently taken on an individual basis.

Contact for an enrollment interview.