Intro to Hypnosis

This free, 10 hour course will give you a basic understanding of hypnotism and help you "dip your toe in the water."

Module 1 What is Hypnosis?
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 Hypnosis History
Unit 3 Tonic Immobility: How to Hypnotize Animals
Unit 4 Recommended Reading
Module 2 Who Can Be Hypnotized?
Unit 1 Hypnotizability and Suggestibility
Unit 2 Suggestibility Test: Arms Rising and Falling
Unit 3 Suggestibility Test: Chevreul's Pendulum
Module 3 The Hypnotic Experience
Unit 1 What's it Like to Be Hypnotized?
Module 4 Hypnosis Safety Considerations
Unit 1 Hypnosis Safety Overview Video
Module 5 Basic Hypnosis Inductions
Unit 1 The Overview
Unit 2 Basic Self-Hypnosis Induction
Unit 3 Self-Hypnosis, Part Two: Deepening Your Trance
Unit 4 Hypnosis Video: Cultivating Loving Energy
Module 6 Hypnotic Depth
Unit 1 Explaining Depth
Unit 2 Depth Scale and Key Terms
Module 7 Hypnotic Suggestions
Unit 1 Overview
Unit 2 How to Create Effective Suggestions
Module 8 Consulting Hypnotism vs Stage Hypnotism
Unit 1 Is All Hypnosis the Same?
Module 9 Ethical Considerations Related to Hypnosis
Unit 1 Hypnosis and Ethics
Unit 2 How to Talk to People About Hypnosis
Module 10 Conversational Hypnosis
Unit 1 Ericksonian, NLP, and Covert Hypnosis
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