Learn Self-Hypnosis

An introductory course to the practice of self-hypnosis.

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 Three Essential Concepts  
Unit 2 A History of Hypnotism  
Unit 3 A Model to Guide You  
Unit 4 How Do I Know I'm Hypnotized?  
Unit 5 The Theme of Control  
Unit 6 Self-Hypnosis Demo: Eye Rolls With Progressive Relaxation  
Module 2 Creating and Using Hypnotic Suggestions
Unit 1 Module overview.  
Unit 2 How We Make Meaning  
Unit 3 Building Suggestions that Best Suit You  
Unit 4 Affirmations are Powerful Suggestions  
Unit 5 The Theme of Feeling Worthy  
Unit 6 Week Two Demo: Dave Elman Induction  
Module 3 Models of Practice
Unit 1 Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief  
Unit 2 Basic Polyvagal Theory  
Unit 3 Self-Hypnosis for Better Sleep  
Unit 4 The Power of Priming  
Unit 5 The Theme of Fear vs Love  
Module 4 Finishing Strong
Unit 1 Self-Hypnosis for Air Travel  
Unit 2 Self-Hypnosis for Pain Management  
Unit 3 Creating Lasting Results  
Unit 4 Week Four Demo: Visual Fixation with Altered Breathing  
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