Stage Hypnosis Online Course

Learn stage hypnotism from one of the leading hypnotists in the United States.

Module 1 Understanding Stage Hypnotism
Unit 1 What is Hypnosis?
Unit 2 History of Hypnotism
Module 2 The Pre-Talk
Unit 1 Understanding the Pre-Talk
Unit 2 Film Study: The Pre-Talk
Unit 3 Creating Your Pre-Talk
Module 3 Suggestibility Testing
Unit 1 Magnetic Fingers Demo
Unit 2 Stage Hypnosis Suggestibility Test: Arms Rising and Falling
Unit 3 Stage Hypnosis Suggestibility Test: Postural Sway Test
Unit 4 Suggestibility and Induction: Hand Clasp
Unit 5 The Eye Roll
Unit 6 Project-Based Learning: Skills Demonstration
Module 4 Inductions
Unit 1 Elman Induction
Unit 2 Rapid Induction/Shock Induction
Unit 3 Forward-Facing Shock Induction
Unit 4 Magnetic Hands as an Induction
Unit 5 Arm Pull Induction
Unit 6 Stage Show Induction, Part One
Unit 7 Stage Show Induction, Part Two
Unit 8 Stage Show Induction, Part Three
Module 5 Depth and Fractionation
Unit 1 The Concept of Depth
Unit 2 Depth Testing in a Stage Show: Part One
Unit 3 Depth Testing in a Stage Show, Part Two.
Unit 4 Fractionation in a Stage Hypnosis Setting
Unit 5 Volunteer Assessment: When People Act Strangely
Module 6 Understanding Utilization
Unit 1 Overview and Learning Objectives
Unit 2 Direct and Indirect Suggestions
Unit 3 Selecting a Subject for a Specific Suggestion
Unit 4 Full Stage Show, Raw Footage
Unit 5 Developing Comedy in Stage Hypnotism
Unit 6 Project-Based Learning: What Kind of Entertainer Do You Want to Be?
Module 7 Emergence
Unit 1 Emergence from a Functional Standpoint
Unit 2 Emergence From the Entertainment Standpoint
Unit 3 Troubleshooting Emergence/Post-Hypnotics
Module 8 Crafting Content
Unit 1 Sourcing Ideas from Consumer Culture
Unit 2 Using Artificial Intelligence to Generate Ideas
Module 9 Safety on Stage
Unit 1 Making the Performance Space Safe
Unit 2 Making the Content of Your Show Safe
Module 10 Contracts and Riders
Unit 1 Contracts
Unit 2 The Rider
Module 11 Bonus Units
Unit 1 Understanding Stage Hypnotism Markets
Unit 2 How to Look Great on Stage
Unit 3 Brand-Building Through Video Content Creation
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