get corporate hypnosis gigs

Companies hire entertainers for a variety of reasons, and understanding how the buying process works can help you get your foot in the door.  If you're a stage hypnotist who wants to get corporate hypnosis gigs, there are a few things you should know.
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get more stage hypnosis bookings

Hands down, my favorite market to work in as a stage hypnotist is the college market.  If you are a stage hypnotist who is new to the profession, and you want to get more stage hypnosis bookings in the college market, there are some essential things you need to know.
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Get gigs for stage hypnosis

If you're a trained stage hypnotist who's new to the profession, and you're looking to get gigs, I think one of the best markets to start in is high schools.  There are several advantages to working in the high school market, and I'll explain them in this article.
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new stage hypnotist

If you're a new stage hypnotist, there's still a lot to learn if you're going to make it in the profession.  I often tell my students, "Hypnotizing people is easy. It's all the other stuff that's challenging." It took me years to learn what I'm going to share with you in this article, and if you embrace this advice and take action on it sooner rather than later, I truly believe it will be worth at least ten thousand in revenue.  Over the course of a long career, it could be worth much, much more.
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Stage hypnosis is still questioned by many.

Stage hypnosis has been my career since 2004, and in that span of time I've hypnotized approximately 25,000 people.  High school students, college students, and adults at corporate events and theater shows have shared the experience with me.  My audiences have been as small as 25 people, and as large as 1600.  Throughout it all, there have always been, and always will be, naysayers and skeptics.  And that's okay.

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If you're thinking of getting into stage hypnotism, you should spend some time considering the way that a job like that will affect your lifestyle.  There are some great aspects, but some challenges, as with any job.

what price should a stage hypnotist charge

I had a friend call me this morning who's a consulting hypnotist. She doesn't do stage shows. She said, "I just thought of you. I wanted to call and say hi. I just drove past a place that had a sign out front, and the sign said, 'Stage hypnosis tonight. Tickets $5.' What price should a stage hypnotist charge?  Because I'm pretty sure that's not it."
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Wendy Merron trains consulting hypnotists in Pennsylvania.  She's a great person, and a dedicated professional.  She wanted her students to get some perspective from another practicing hypnotist, so she was kind enough to invite me to a Q&A with her class.

When I speak with people about my profession, I think it's important to be honest and open about all the different aspects of the work we do.  I think there's too much secret keeping and question dodging in our community, so when I get these opportunities to speak with students, I don't hold back.

is hypnosis real

When people ask me, "Is hypnosis real?" I point them to The Stroop Test.  The premise is pretty simple.

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stage hypnotism

While researching the topic of safety related to stage hypnotism, I found a news article about an incident I heard about a few years ago.  The article included a video I had never seen before, and when I watched it, I didn't feel good about it.  When you read the article and watch the video, it might be easy to focus on criticizing Mr. Nadeau, but I would ask that we avoid any rants aimed at him and focus more on the general topic of stage hypnotism as a form of entertainment.
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