The Big Mistake

The crucial mistake that so many hypnotists make is they spend time and money taking more and more hypnosis training, but it doesn't get them more clients.

Offering more services doesn't actually lead to making more money.

The Solution

If you want more clients, you have to do the marketing.

You have to decide what the central focus of your practice is going to be, clarify your message around that central focus, and get that message out to the world.

You Have Two Choices

In order to expand your brand, make more people aware of what you have to offer, and get more clients through the door, you either spend more money or more time.

There are no other alternatives.

I Generated a Million Dollars of Revenue

And I only spent about $3,500 on ads in 18 years of business.

What’s the Secret?

I spent way more time than money.

I used my time to create content, and that content kept getting me attention and bringing me work for years and years.

I saved thousands and thousands of dollars by doing most of the work myself.

  • I built websites
  • I wrote articles
  • I edited videos
  • I recorded audio programs
  • I hosted podcasts
  • I created email campaigns

I Know You Think You Can’t do It

(But you can!)

For many hypnotists, the thought of doing this work is immediately overwhelming.  There's so much to do, and you don't even know where to start.

What you need is a structure to follow, and the chance to save time and energy by being shown the way instead of having to figure it out on your own.

It's so important that you understand this: the tools available now have taken a quantum leap forward in terms of ease of use and quality of production.

  • I build websites without having to know how to write code.
  • I write articles with an artificial intelligence program in half the time it used to take me.
  • I edit videos with a program that is so easy it will blow your mind.

I get more done, in less time, and the quality is better than it's ever been.  I can show you how to do it, too.

Affordable Online Mentorship

I have built an online mentorship program that has over 30 modules of content covering all of the tasks I mentioned earlier, plus even more I haven't talked about yet.  These modules will accelerate your learning curve and help you produce more of the marketing that your business needs.

I have even begun adding new units to address the explosive arrival of artificial intelligence technology.  This technology will re-shape the business landscape over the next 12 months.  Those who use it to support their business will thrive.  Those who don't will suffer.

What Does it Cost?

You get unlimited access to the online mentorship area for a one-time payment of $297.

Bonus: 30 Days of Live Mentorship

If you purchase access now, I'll support you with 30 days of live group support.  I'll be doing a Zoom call once a week so that you can drop in, ask questions, and get advice.

Special Focus: Embracing AI

You've heard the buzz around how artificial intelligence programs are taking the world by storm.  The key to using AI to support your business is what's called "prompt engineering." I'll teach you how to take a huge leap forward in your productivity using AI writing programs.

"This practical course is packed with ALL the real, concrete, results-driven steps, tools and resources to actually help you create your business presence and be successful."

"If you want to launch a business, launch a website, feel heard and build an infrastructure that carries you out into the world to do your life's work, this is it."

"If you are looking to grow your business and willing to put the time, effort and energy to cultivate your business, Paul's mentorship program will be your ticket to success."

"This program gives you the tools you need to see your business zoom to places you always imagined it would, but didn't know how to get to before."