I've been working full-time as a hypnotist since 2004, and I've done pretty well for myself in this business. Well enough that people contact me from all over the world to ask questions about what I do and how I do it. Please don't take that as an arrogant thing. I'm not saying people are flooding me with contacts all the time, but I am serious when I say that people reach out to me from all over the world to ask me about hypnotic techniques, how to get into hypnotism, and how to be more successful as a hypnotist.

When I was first getting into hypnotism, I did the same thing. I reached out to some hypnotists and asked them for advice. Luckily for me, they were kind enough to answer my questions. I always remember that kindness, and do my best to pay it forward today when people reach out to me. The reality, though, is that getting a few questions answered by a practicing hypnotist isn't going to ensure you succeed in your own efforts to build a successful practice.  It takes mentorship.

There is a long tradition of mentorship in many professions.  In many of the trades, one must apprentice before working on your own.  When I was a young teacher, I taught for a year, full-time, with a mentor teacher before I was allowed to teach on my own.  Having a mentor allows you to steepen your learning curve, to learn from the mistakes of others without having to make them yourself, and it lets you pull from the deep pool of experience that mentor has to offer.

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