Beginning Hypnotism Online Course Syllabus

Online Hypnosis Training

This course is intended to be an introductory level, teaching basic concepts of hypnotism and fundamental hypnotism skills.

Module One

What is Hypnosis?

●  learn working definition of hypnosis

●  understand hypnotizability vs. suggestibility

●  understand common misconceptions about hypnosis

What Makes Some People More Hypnotizable Than Others?

●  create a proper physical environment for client work

●  identify unfavorable signs in clients

●  cultivate confidence as a hypnotist

Cautions and Considerations Around Hypnotism

●  learn how to avoid possible physical injuries to subjects

●  identify and deal with hypnotic hysteria

●  understand age regression techniques

 A Brief History of Hypnotism

●  develop a timeline of hypnotism’s professional development

●  identify significant contributors to hypnotism theory

Module Two

Suggestibility Tests

●  understand purposes of testing suggestibility

●  know authoritative vs. permissive operating style

●  learn six suggestibility tests

How to Hypnotize People

●  explore an overview of the hypnotic process

●  develop a working knowledge of induction, deepening, utilization, and emergence

●  learn four possible components of Inductions

Trance Depth

●  learn the Arons Depth Scale for judging trance depth

●  identify the difference between mnesic and amnesic stages

●  learn four criteria for judging trance depth

Deepening Techniques

●  learn deepening through realization

●  understand the concept of pyramiding

●  understanding fractionation

Module Three

Suggestion Creation and Management

●  learn how reinforcement and encouragement affect outcomes

●  learn positive suggestion management

●  learn how to create post­hypnotic suggestion

What is Mind?

  • learn the difference between conscious mind and unconscious mind


  • become familiar with the Code of Ethics
  • identify language to be avoided vs. to be practiced