School Catalog


Ramsay Media, LLC

783 Loudon Ridge Road

Loudon, NH 03307

License # RASO-­155


Mission Statement 

Our mission is to empower human beings through hypnotism and coaching methodologies so that they can live their best lives.

Licensed By:

This school is licensed by the State of New Hampshire, Division of Educator Support and Higher Education as a post­secondary vocational school with a primary purpose of educating individuals for a professional job/career.


This is a non-­accredited school.

General Description of Available Space, Equipment, and Facilities

The Consulting Hypnotist certification course will be held at 791 Loudon Ridge Rd., Loudon, NH. This is Paul Ramsay’s private residence.  We have three different rooms in the house that we use for training. We think you’ll find the informal atmosphere to be an asset for your training.


Beginning Hypnotism and the Stage Hypnotist Certification course are both online courses. 


School Policies and Procedures

Entrance Requirements

Applicants must have an interview with school personnel. 

Applicants must be a high school graduate or hold a GED.

Transfer of Credits 

The school does not accept transfer credit nor allow credit for prior experience.

Grading System

Hypnosis certification is awarded on a pass/fail basis.

Standards for Satisfactory Progress

One hundred percent attendance and completion of all tests at an 80% level is required for certification.

Standards for Satisfactory Progress for Financial Aid Programs

Financial aid is not available for this program.


No scholarships are available for this program.

Academic Probation

There is no academic probation in this certification program.

Academic Suspension or Termination

See “Student Conduct and Conditions for Dismissal.”

Student Conduct and Conditions for Dismissal

Any student not conducting themselves in an orderly and professional manner, which

includes use of drugs and alcohol during school hours, dishonesty, disrupting classes, use of profanity, excessive tardiness, insubordination, violation of safety rules, or not abiding by the school rules will lead to dismissal from the course.




There is no re­entrance if you are terminated from the program.


The school requires one hundred percent (100%) completion of class hours in order to receive a certificate of completion from the course. Students are expected to be on time and attend all scheduled classes.

Leave of Absences

Students may request a leave of absence at any point during their studies for illness or family emergency. If a student fails to notify the school director of their leave of absence, the student will be held to the standards discussed in the Attendance section. Students wishing to return to the course after a leave of absence must contact the school director. The school director and student will both determine when and if the student will return to the course.

Certification Requirements 

Students must attend all classes.

Students must pass the final exam with a minimum of 80%. The final examination consists of a combination of both practical and written parts. Should the student fail to pass the test, they will be given an opportunity to take a refresher course in their area(s) of deficiency and subsequently be allowed to retake the final examination at no extra cost to the student.

Student Records 

All student evaluations and grades are maintained by the school for a period of five years.

School Calendar 

The school operates on a non-­traditional term. We do not utilize the conventional academic calendar of quarters or semesters. 

For all classes, the holidays of New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas will be observed. If you have a religious holiday that requires you to be exempted from class, please let us know and we will work it out.


Enrollment Dates 

A student may enroll at any time prior to the start of a new class.

Beginning Hypnotism will be offered:

February 3-24, 2021


Consulting Hypnotist Certification will be offered:



Bright Idea Mentorship accepts enrollment on an ongoing basis.


The Stage Hypnotist Certification class will be offered:


Schedule of Fees 

Beginning Hypnotism: $297

Consulting Hypnotist Certification $997

Consulting Hypnotist 45 day Mentorship: $1500

Stage Hypnotist Certification $997


Students must notify the administrator, in writing, of a withdrawal.  Please see the Refund Policy for terms of tuition refunds.


Refund Policy

(1)  All refunds shall be paid within 30 days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal; and

(2)  Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules and regulations;


Full Refund. A school shall provide a student with a full refund if:

(a)     The student withdraws from the program or course before the first day of instruction.


Other Refunds.


(a)  A school shall provide a student with a partial refund if:

(1)    A student who withdraws or is dismissed before 50% of the instruction period shall receive

a pro-rata refund, less an administrative fee of $160

(2)  A student who withdraws or is dismissed after more than 50% of the instruction period shall

receive no refund.

(b)   All efforts shall be made to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or sold to new students, or returned by the school to the supplier.

unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or sold   to new students, or returned by the school to the supplier.


Student Grievance Procedure

Any student who has a grievance with the school or an instructor should first discuss the problem with the instructor or school director. If a resolution is not reached, the student

should make a written complaint and submit it to the school director asking for a written

response. When a satisfactory resolution of the problem is not obtained, the student may contact:

Office of Career School Licensing

101 Pleasant Street

Concord, NH 03301


You may call the state office at (603) 271-6443. 


Program/Course Requirements

Program Requirements

  1. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a core group of hypnotic techniques demonstrated by instructors during the class.
  2. Consulting Hypnotist Certification Students must pass the final exam with a minimum score of 80%.

Program Objective

The objective of this program is to prepare students for a career in professional hypnotism. Upon successful completion of the Consulting Hypnotist program, students will be Certified Hypnotists with the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest professional organization for hypnotists in the world.


Stage hypnotism students will not be certified through any currently existing professional organization, as none currently certify stage hypnotists.  The certificate will come directly from Ramsay Media, LLC.


Beginning Hypnotism Course Description

This course is intended for people who are just beginning to learn about hypnotism. This course is comprised of:

  • 30 hours of online coursework
  • Four live “classroom” webinars in which the instructor covers key concepts and takes questions from students.


This course does not prepare you to work with clients as a consulting hypnotist.  No certification will be given.  This class will provide a basic understanding of how hypnotism works and how one can hypnotize other people safely and effectively.


Beginning Hypnotism Course Syllabus

Module One


●  learn working definition of hypnosis

●  understand hypnotizability vs. suggestibility

●  understand common misconceptions about hypnosis


●  create a proper physical environment for client work

●  identify unfavorable signs in clients

●  cultivate confidence as a hypnotist


●  learn how to avoid possible physical injuries to subjects

●  identify and deal with hypnotic hysteria

●  understand age regression techniques



●  develop a timeline of hypnotism’s professional development

●  identify significant contributors to hypnotism theory



Module Two


●  understand purposes of testing suggestibility

●  know authoritative vs. permissive operating style

●  learn six suggestibility tests


●  explore an overview of the hypnotic process

●  develop a working knowledge of induction, deepening, utilization, and emergence

●  learn four possible components of Inductions


●  learn the Arons Depth Scale for judging trance depth

●  identify the difference between mnesic and amnesic stages

●  learn four criteria for judging trance depth


●  learn deepening through realization

●  understand the concept of pyramiding

●  understanding fractionation

Module Three


●  learn how reinforcement and encouragement affect outcomes

●  learn positive suggestion management

●  learn how to create post­hypnotic suggestion


  • learn the difference between conscious mind and unconscious mind


  • learn a variety of mechanical aids that can assist hypnotists


  • become familiar with the Code of Ethics
  • identify language to be avoided vs. to be practiced



Consulting Hypnotist Course Description 

This course comprises:

  • 40 hours of live, in-person training.  (We train 10 hours a day for 4 days.) 
  • 25 hours of coursework that is completed outside of the live training. (Pre-­course reading, video review, and written work.)

This is intense, immersive training, and we believe it is one of the more rigorous hypnotism training programs that you will find. This is not for hobbyists; it is for individuals who are committed to developing a serious skill set as a hypnotist.


Consulting Hypnotist Course Syllabus


Day One

We’ll spend the first day reviewing what you learned in the “Beginning Hypnotism” online course and making sure that you are proficient in performing suggestibility tests and basic inductions.



●  learn instantaneous induction methods

●  learn non-verbal inductions

Day Two


●  learn common uses of hypnotic anesthesia

●  learn how to produce hypnotic anesthesia

●  discover ways to maintain hypnotic anesthesia


  • learn four­-session approach to smoking cessation 



●  learn three popular age regression techniques

●  identify the difference between true regression and pseudo­regression

●  identify areas of caution in performing age regression

Day Three


  • learn three­-session approach to weight management 



  • learn how to help clients identify their stress indicators
  • learn stress management techniques
  • develop a stress reduction action plan



  • review the Code of Ethics
  • develop a Client Bill of Rights
  • identify language to be avoided vs. to be practiced

Day Four


  • create a strong client intake sheet
  • learn to assess client behaviors and how they contribute to the presenting problem
  • learn how to help client articulate goals for working with you
  • give a pre­talk to set client up for success
  • be able to develop a session strategy that meets the client’s needs


  • learn four major categories of imagery techniques 


  • explore the concept of hyperemperia
  • discuss John Hartland’s ego ­strengthening method
  • learn the G.I.F.T. technique


Credentials of Faculty and Administrators

Paul Ramsay, Board Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Instructor.  

Paul is a former high school teacher with a Master of Arts in Secondary Education.  He has been a practicing hypnotist since 2004.


Sandra Grace, Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Instructor.

Sandra owned her own integrated health care practice in the Quad Cities of Iowa before coming to New Hampshire.  As a hypnotist she has worked with high end executives in the corporate world, done mental coaching for multiple mixed martial arts champions, and helped thousands of everyday people create powerful life changes using hypnosis.



Stage Hypnotist Certification

Course Description 

The stage hypnotist certification course is an online course:

  • Ten hours of online course content.
  • Eight online “classroom” sessions (one hour each).
  • Eight hours of project work that is completed outside of class. 

Therefore, your total commitment to this class is 26 hours.


Course Syllabus and Learning Objectives

Week 1:  The Pre-Talk

  • Understand the three key functions that a pre-talk serves.
  • Identify the key components of a functional pre-talk.
  • Draft your own pre-talk, in writing.

Week 2:  Suggestibility Testing

  • Be able to distinguish between hypnotizability and suggestibility.
  • Demonstrate at least four suggestibility tests.
  • Identify the key elements of suggestibility tests so that you know how they actually function.

Week 3:  Inductions

  • Know the difference between authoritative and permissive styles.
  • Identify the most common components of inductions.
  • Develop competence with at least one rapid induction.
  • Develop competence with at least one instant induction.
  • Develop competence with the Elman induction.
  • Know the signs of hypnotic hysteria, and how to handle it.

Week 4:  Depth and Fractionation

  • Understand what is really meant by "depth."
  • Be familiar with Arons' scale for measuring depth.
  • Know the concept of fractionation.
  • Know the concept of pyramidding.
  • Identify subjective criteria for assessing depth.
  • Identify objective criteria for assessing depth.

Week 5:   Utilization

  • Understand utilization as a hypnosis concept.
  • Know the difference between direct and indirect suggestions.
  • Develop a concept for your stage show.
  • Find entertainment models that support your concept.
  • Explore your brand identity as a hypnotist.

Week 6: Balancing Hypnosis with Entertainment

  • Know how to balance functional hypnosis activities with entertainment elements of a show.
  • Develop a "story arc" or linear plan for your stage show.
  • Know how to emerge volunteers from the hypnotic state.
  • Know what to do when a volunteer gets "stuck" in hypnosis.

Week 7: Safety on Stage

  • Know the difference between performer liability and participant liability.
  • Know how to safely set up the physical space of your stage for a show.
  • Develop a pre-show safety checklist.
  • Draft a release form for shows that would involve minors.
  • Draft a public notice about the inherent risks of stage hypnotism for display at your shows.

Week 8:  The Business of Stage Hypnotism

  • Know the difference between a contract and a rider.
  • Draft your own contract.
  • Draft your own rider to accompany your contract.
  • Know your state's requirements and regulations regarding hypnotism.
  • Identify your business model.

Conclusion:  Practical Assessment of Skills

  • Submission of final show outline.
  • Submission of recorded pre-talk.
  • Submission of three recorded suggestibility tests.
  • Submission of three recorded inductions.
  • Submission of three performing bits that demonstrate hypnotic phenomena.

Credentials of Faculty and Administrators

Paul Ramsay, Board Certified Hypnotist, NGH Certified Instructor.  

Paul is a former high school teacher with a Master of Arts in Secondary Education.  He has been a practicing hypnotist since 2004. Paul is one of the top hypnotists in the college market, and he has also been part of corporate events for major brands like Pepsi and Bud Light.



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