Stage Hypnotist Online Course Syllabus

This stage hypnotist online course is designed to teach you the actual skills to be a professional stage hypnotist, but it is not a certification program.  If you wish to go beyond the initial learning and become a certified stage hypnotist, you will need to enter our certification program, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

Week 1:  Logistics and the Pre-Talk

  • Understand the three key functions that a pre-talk serves.
  • Identify the key components of a functional pre-talk.
  • Draft your own pre-talk, in writing.

Week 2:  Suggestibility Testing

  • Be able to distinguish between hypnotizability and suggestibility.
  • Fundamental suggestibility tests include:
    • Arms rising and falling
    • Hand clasp
    • Magnetic fingers
    • Postural sway
  • Identify the key elements of suggestibility tests so that you know how they actually function.

Week 3:  Inductions

  • Know the difference between authoritative and permissive styles.
  • Identify the most common components of inductions.
  • The handshake as a pattern interrupt.
  • The hand press instant induction.
  • The Dave Elman induction.
  • Know the signs of hypnotic hysteria, and how to handle it.

Week 4: Depth and Fractionation

  • Understand what is really meant by "depth."
  • Be familiar with Arons' scale for measuring depth.
  • Know the concept of fractionation.
  • Know the concept of pyramidding.
  • Identify subjective criteria for assessing depth.
  • Identify objective criteria for assessing depth.

Week 5: Utilization

  • Understand utilization as a hypnosis concept.
  • Know the difference between direct and indirect suggestions.
  • Develop a concept for your stage show.
  • Find entertainment models that support your concept.
  • Explore your brand identity as a hypnotist.

Week 6:  Balancing Hypnosis with Entertainment

  • Know how to balance functional hypnosis activities with entertainment elements of a show.
  • Develop a "story arc" or linear plan for your stage show.
  • Know how to emerge volunteers from the hypnotic state.
  • Know what to do when a volunteer gets "stuck" in hypnosis.

Week 7:  Safety on Stage

  • Know the difference between performer liability and participant liability.
  • Know how to safely set up the physical space of your stage for a show.
  • Develop a pre-show safety checklist.
  • Draft a release form for shows that would involve minors.
  • Draft a public notice about the inherent risks of stage hypnotism for display at your shows.

Week 8:  The Business of Stage Hypnotism

  • Know the difference between a contract and a rider.
  • Draft your own contract.
  • Draft your own rider to accompany your contract.
  • Know your state's requirements and regulations regarding hypnotism.

While the skills and techniques taught in this course are the actual ones used by stage hypnotists, remember that consuming this content does not equal certification as a stage hypnotist.  Certification occurs separately from this course. If you are interested in getting certified, contact Paul.