AI for Entertainment Hypnotists

Artificial intelligence tools are a game changing resource for small business owners, and hypnotists are no exception. In this short course, begin your introduction to using AI tools to increase your productivity and boost your creativity.  The results will astound you!

Module 1 Getting Started
Unit 1 What is AI, Really?  
Unit 2 Understand Your Business Needs  
Unit 3 A Conversation Worth Hearing  
Module 2 Language Generators: Boost Productivity in a BIG Way
Unit 1 Keys to Successful Use  
Unit 2 Intro to ChatGPT  
Unit 3 Create Social Media Content FAST  
Unit 4 AI for Sales Copy  
Unit 5 Write Better Emails Faster with AI  
Unit 6 Set up Your Chat GPT Bio  
Unit 7 Create Custom GPTs for Even Better Output  
Unit 8 BONUS: Show Fee Calculator  
Module 3 Text-to-Image Generators
Unit 1 Keys to Successful Use  
Unit 2 Intro to MidJourney  
Unit 3 Create Vector Art With This Tool  
Module 4 AI for Video
Unit 1 Intro to Descript  
Unit 2 What Else Can Descript Do?  
Module 5 AI for Music
Unit 1 Stable Audio Makes Music  
Unit 2 Suno Makes Music With Lyrics!  
Module 6 Advance Your Show Craft with AI
Unit 1 More Ideas, Faster.  
Unit 2 Use ChatGPT to Get More Out of ChatGPT  
Unit 3 Increase Production Value with Custom Images  
Unit 4 You Can Simply Talk With It  
Unit 5 BONUS: Custom GPT Creates Ideas for New Routines  
Module 7 Keep an Eye on What's Next
Unit 1 AI Music with YouTube  
Unit 2 Turn Text into Video with Runway  
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