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Let’s Abolish the Hypnotic Bridge

In the world of entertainment, few acts draw as much intrigue and skepticism as stage hypnotism. The lure of watching someone seemingly command the will and actions of another is undeniably fascinating. As more performing hypnotists come into the marketplace and want to get noticed, there's an old technique that seems to be making a […]


The Hypnosis Profession is Cannibalizing Itself

Hypnotism is a profession that has existed for over a century, though it has never achieved significant size or mainstream status. The hypnosis profession has grown over time, and today there are many professionals worldwide who offer services to people who need them. The majority of hypnotists offer consulting services for issues of personal development, […]

Is Stage Hypnosis Fake?

Have you ever watched a video online featuring a stage hypnotist and wondered if what you’re seeing is fake? It’s easy to be skeptical and assume that the participants are just acting, but the truth is that stage hypnosis is real. Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions about stage hypnotism and […]


What Happens When Stage Hypnotists Can’t Get Insured Anymore?

Stage hypnotists make up a pretty small community.  While there are thousands of people who have received training in stage hypnotism, there are only a few hundred that are actively performing as stage hypnotists worldwide.  Those numbers could decrease significantly in the next five to ten years if stage hypnotists fail to address a critical […]


Stage Hypnotists Have Two Opportunities From the Pandemic

The pandemic drove some stage hypnotists out of the industry.  After two years of disruption to the live entertainment industry, experts are beginning to discuss the possible end of the pandemic, but that won't necessarily mean a return to normal for entertainers.  Instead, it may signal an evolutionary leaping point in how entertainment is distributed, […]

The Secret to Self-Hypnosis Success

Self-hypnosis is not a magic bullet.  It's not a cure.  There's no magic wand.  But if you master self-hypnosis, it might feel at time like it's doing something magical for you, and that would be awesome.  Most people won't get to that place with self-hypnosis, though, for one simple reason:

3 Reasons Hypnotists Should not be on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the newest social media platform to grab the attention of small business owners, marketers, influencers, and thought leaders.  But should hypnotists be including Clubhouse as part of their branding and marketing strategy?  I'll give you three reasons why the answer is "No."