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What Happens When Stage Hypnotists Can’t Get Insured Anymore?

Stage hypnotists make up a pretty small community.  While there are thousands of people who have received training in stage hypnotism, there are only a few hundred that are actively performing as stage hypnotists worldwide.  Those numbers could decrease significantly in the next five to ten years if stage hypnotists fail to address a critical […]


Stage Hypnotists Have Two Opportunities From the Pandemic

The pandemic drove some stage hypnotists out of the industry.  After two years of disruption to the live entertainment industry, experts are beginning to discuss the possible end of the pandemic, but that won't necessarily mean a return to normal for entertainers.  Instead, it may signal an evolutionary leaping point in how entertainment is distributed, […]

The Secret to Self-Hypnosis Success

Self-hypnosis is not a magic bullet.  It's not a cure.  There's no magic wand.  But if you master self-hypnosis, it might feel at time like it's doing something magical for you, and that would be awesome.  Most people won't get to that place with self-hypnosis, though, for one simple reason:

3 Reasons Hypnotists Should not be on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the newest social media platform to grab the attention of small business owners, marketers, influencers, and thought leaders.  But should hypnotists be including Clubhouse as part of their branding and marketing strategy?  I'll give you three reasons why the answer is "No."

Stage Hypnosis is Being Forced to Evolve. Embrace It.

"In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy." -J. Paul Getty Human beings love certainty.  Our need for certainty is encoded within us.  It's a survival instinct.  The more we stick with what we know, what consistently works, the more likely we are to survive.  Unfortunately, no survival instinct is perfect for […]

You’ll Learn Hypnosis Better This Way

What I'm about to discuss is so simple, yet profoundly important for those who wish to learn hypnosis.  Perhaps the simplicity of it is what makes it easy to overlook.  In any case, if you take this blog post to heart, and truly raise your awareness afterward, it could save you thousands of dollars and […]

Stage Hypnosis Can Uncover Real Issues

I recently had a stage hypnosis show at a boarding school.  It was a gorgeous campus, made up of classic federal style buildings from the 1800's and newer contemporary buildings that glistened with glass that allowed the warm light of the interior to spill out into the cold January evening.  The campus was nicer than […]

Stage Hypnotists Could be the Profession’s Greatest Asset

There has long been a division in the profession of hypnotism between consulting (or clinical) hypnotists and stage hypnotists.  Many consulting hypnotists believe that stage hypnotists misrepresent the true value of hypnotism, and some would even say that stage hypnotists hurt the profession with their playful use of a skill set that can help people […]