What is the Best Way to Learn Hypnosis?

the best way to learn hypnosis

So you've discovered hypnosis, and now you have the desire to develop the skill of hypnotism for yourself.  But what's the best way to learn hypnosis?

The focus here is really learning, not hypnotizing.  As a former high school teacher, I believe that learning should be, whenever possible, multi-modal.  We have multiple senses, and we use them to make sense of the world.  Acquiring skills rarely comes from just watching the skill being performed, or listening to someone explain the skill.  We combine our sensory experiences in a semantic process that builds a greater meaning and understanding.  So should it be when it comes to the best way to learn hypnosis.

That is why we use a combination of written text, pre-recorded videos, live videos, audio files, and images in our trainings here at Best Hypnosis Training.  When displaying a hypnosis technique, we don't just give our students a video to watch, but that video is often accompanied by written notes with time codes so that attention can be brought to particular aspects.  Then, we'll also review that video in our live "classroom" sessions on Zoom.  This way we can gather further questions from students and provide clarification.  We want the learning experience to be rich.

For a long time, the assumption was that live, in-person training was the best way to learn hypnosis.  I don't think that's true anymore.  Today, the ability to combine archived learning units with live online instruction provides an opportunity for students to get real-time consultation while also being able to re-visit material as much as needed until the skill or concept sinks in.  That simply doesn't exist with live, in-person trainings.  You're there, you soak up all you can, and then you go home.  It's fun while you're doing it, but it doesn't set you up for long-term success.

The One Advantage of Live Training (slightly de-bunked)

The one thing that live training does provide which online training does not provide, is a room full of fellow students that you can practice with in person.  This is a factor to which many people still cling strongly, as they are nervous about finding people to practice with on their own.  I understand this feeling people get, but it shouldn't become a priority over the true learning content and processes that build your understanding and skills.  Practicing is crucial to becoming a competent hypnotist, but there's no amount of practice that you can cram into a live training that will get people to be truly proficient; students must be committed to finding people to practice with for months after their initial training.

The Missing Key Nearly All Trainings Lack

Regardless of whether a training is in-person or online, the biggest factor that's consistently unaddressed by most hypnotism trainings today is ongoing mentorship.  The best way to learn hypnosis is to have a mentor who will keep helping you develop your understanding of hypnotism long beyond the initial training.

Mentorship keeps you from having to figure it all out on your own.  Mentorship reduces trial-and-error, thereby increasing efficiency.  If you're serious about hypnotism as a career, choose a trainer who offers mentorship.