ISHA Diversity and Inclusion Training

If you're going to operate in different entertainment markets, it's important to keep in mind that some of those markets take issues of diversity and inclusion very seriously. Being properly prepared to work your show in almost any environment has benefits for you and your audience.

Module 1 Diversity and Inclusion Training
Unit 1 Introduction and Get the PDF File  
Unit 2 Understanding Unconscious Bias  
Unit 3 The Importance of Diversity in Nonprofits  
Unit 4 Nurturing an Inclusive Culture in Entertainment Hypnotism  
Unit 5 Applying an Equity and Inclusion Lens for Entertainment Hypnotists  
Unit 6 Mitigating the Impact of Micro-Aggressions on Stage  
Unit 7 Acknowledging and Addressing Unconscious Biases  
Unit 8 Embracing LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Comedy Stage Hypnotism  
Unit 9 Embracing Inclusivity: Understanding Invisible Disabilities in the Hypnosis Entertainment Industry  
Unit 10 Nurturing Harmony: Embracing Ethnic and Racial Differences in the Entertainment Hypnotism Industry  
Unit 11 Navigating Challenging Interactions, Handling Rude Volunteers on Stage  
Unit 12 Final Thoughts: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Hypnosis Entertainment World  
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