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Suggestion Creation Exercise
Question #1: Think of an aspect of your life that you wish was better somehow. It could be related to your health, your relationships, or your financial prosperity, for example. Now state what you want to achieve or experience in one sentence.
Question #2: Next, we'll take the broader idea you've created and break it into components. What skills are needed for you to achieve this thing? List the skills below.
Question #3: Let's think about behaviors that will support your success. What behaviors would you have to practice to move your toward success in this area you've chosen?
Question #4: Now, think about the emotions that would be created by having this experience. How would acquiring those skills and practicing those behaviors make you FEEL when you achieved success in this area you've chosen?
Question #5: Time to craft your suggestions. Write out three suggestions to practice in self-hypnosis. Make each one simple and direct, using clear, specific language, and that takes advantage of what you've identified in the earlier questions that will help move you to success.