Beginning Hypnotism

This entry level course will teach the basics of hypnotism.

Module 1 Basic Concepts
Unit 1 What is hypnosis?  
Unit 2 What Are Hypnoidal States?  
Unit 3 Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind  
Unit 4 Hypnotizability vs Suggestibility: What's the Difference?  
Unit 5 Why Use Suggestibility Tests?  
Unit 6 The Hypnotic Experience in Four Phases  
Unit 7 Beyond the Curriculum: What Many Hypnotists Don't Know About Hypnosis  
Module 2 Basic Skills
Unit 1 Suggestibility Test: Postural Sway Exercise  
Unit 2 Suggestibility Test: Arms Rising and Falling Exercise  
Unit 3 Suggestibility Test: Chevreul's Pendulum Exercise  
Unit 4 How Inductions Actually Work  
Unit 5 Induction: The Dave Elman Induction  
Unit 6 Induction: Magnetic Hands Copy  
Unit 7 Induction: Seated Shock/Confusion Method Copy  
Unit 8 Induction: Fractionation Method Copy  
Unit 9 Induction: Single Magnetic Hand Copy  
Module 3 Going Deeper
Unit 1 Understanding Hypnotic Depth  
Module 4 Utilizing the Hypnotic State
Unit 1 Ethical Hypnotism  
Unit 2 How Suggestions Function  
Unit 3 Post-hypnotic Suggestions  
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