Bright Idea Business Mentorship

Helping you clarify your vision and build a better practice.

Module 1 Creating Clarity
Unit 1 The Ground Rules  
Unit 2 Understanding Your Needs  
Unit 3 Identify Your Values  
Unit 4 Connecting the Dots  
Unit 5 Your Mission  
Unit 6 Your Vision  
Unit 7 Clarity Leads to Action  
Module 2 What's the Goal?
Unit 1 Goals vs Wishes  
Unit 2 Functional Goals Have a Structure  
Unit 3 Generating Possibilities  
Unit 4 Creating Implementation Objectives  
Module 3 Building a Brand Identity
Unit 1 Your Unique Selling Proposition  
Unit 2 Logo Creation Options  
Unit 3 Your Business on Google  
Unit 4 Enrolling in Google Suite  
Module 4 Build a Website for Pennies on the Dollar
Unit 1 Purchase a Domain  
Unit 2 Host Your Website  
Unit 3 Installing WordPress  
Unit 4 Adding the Enfold Theme to Your WordPress Site  
Unit 5 Add Google Analytics to Your Site  
Unit 6 Create a Privacy Policy for Free  
Module 5 Learning to Use WordPress
Unit 1 Your WordPress Dashboard  
Unit 2 Some Basic WordPress Settings  
Unit 3 Add a Free AntiSpam Plugin  
Unit 4 Add a Free Site Backup Plugin  
Unit 5 Add a Free SSL Support Plugin  
Unit 6 Add a Free Chat Plugin  
Unit 7 Create a New Blog Post  
Unit 8 Set Up a Gravatar  
Unit 9 Restore an Earlier Page Version  
Unit 10 Security: People Are Saying They Can't Log In to Your Site  
Module 6 The Enfold Theme
Unit 1 Enfold Control Menu Overview  
Unit 2 The Advanced Layer Builder  
Unit 3 Different Ways to Display Images  
Unit 4 Create Templates to Boost Productivity  
Unit 5 Build a Video Display Page From Scratch  
Unit 6 Stream Audio From Soundcloud  
Unit 7 Change the Font Settings for the Site  
Unit 8 Changing the Color Scheme at Your Site: Overview  
Unit 9 Changing the Colors of Your Imported Design  
Unit 10 Put a Favicon on Your Site  
Unit 11 Edit Your Footer Widgets  
Unit 12 Using the Table Tool  
Module 7 Schedule Appointments with Calendly
Unit 1 What is Calendly?  
Unit 2 Connect Calendly to Your Google Calendar  
Unit 3 Organize Distinct Schedules for Calendly Meetings  
Unit 4 Create a New Calendly Event  
Unit 5 Integrate Zoom With Calendly  
Unit 6 Code Calendly Link to a Button on Your Website  
Module 8 Google Drive: Your Business "Warehouse"
Unit 1 Overview of Google Drive  
Unit 2 Create a Folder and Upload Files  
Unit 3 Color Code Your Drive Folders  
Unit 4 Organize Your Drive Using Move-To Function  
Unit 5 Move a File From One G Drive to Another  
Module 9 Google Contacts
Unit 1 Create a New Contact  
Module 10 Google Docs
Unit 1 Create a New Google Doc  
Unit 2 Use Dictation Tool in Docs  
Module 11 Gmail
Unit 1 Configure Your Inbox  
Unit 2 Create Email Labels  
Unit 3 Add a Signature to Your Emails  
Module 12 Google Calendar
Unit 1 Base Settings  
Unit 2 Calendars Within Calendar  
Unit 3 Set Up Recurring Appointments in Calendar  
Module 13 Google Forms
Unit 1 Creating a Google Form From Scratch  
Unit 2 Creating a Google Form From a Template  
Unit 3 Embed Your Form on Your Website  
Unit 4 Get Notified When a Form Gets Filled Out  
Module 14 Google Drawing
Unit 1 Create a YouTube Thumbnail with Google Drawings  
Unit 2 Crop an Image Using Drawings  
Unit 3 Flip an Image Over  
Module 15 Google Tasks
Unit 1 Overview of Tasks  
Unit 2 Create a Recurring Task  
Unit 3 Put a Time Deadline on a Task  
Unit 4 Chunk Tasks into Sub-Tasks  
Unit 5 Create a Task From Gmail that Connects to a Specific Email  
Module 16 Product and Service Development
Unit 1 Your Ideal Client Avatar  
Unit 2 Knowing Your Potential Client's Why  
Unit 3 What's a Value Ladder?  
Module 17 Basic YouTube
Unit 1 Activating New Channel in G Suite  
Unit 2 Getting to Your Channel  
Unit 3 Configure Your Channel Settings  
Unit 4 Verify Your Channel  
Unit 5 Channel Setup: Create Your Channel Art in Google Drawings  
Unit 6 Putting Watermark on Your Videos  
Unit 7 Loading a New Video  
Unit 8 Choosing the Title of Your Video  
Unit 9 Create Custom Thumbnails  
Unit 10 Managing Playlists  
Unit 11 Change Playlist Thumbnail  
Unit 12 Sharing a Playlist  
Unit 13 How to YouTube Live  
Unit 14 Move an Existing YouTube Channel to Your G-Suite  
Unit 15 Posting Hypnosis Audios on YouTube  
Unit 16 Sourcing Ideas with YouTube Search  
Unit 17 Basic YouTube Strategy  
Module 18 Intermediate YouTube
Unit 1 Analytics  
Unit 2 Collaboration Content  
Module 19 Soundcloud
Unit 1 Soundcloud Overview  
Unit 2 Sign up for an Account  
Unit 3 Your Profile  
Unit 4 Upload Audio Track  
Module 20 Content Marketing: Blog Articles
Unit 1 Overview of Blogging  
Unit 2 Basic Blog Writing Formula: The Five Point Essay  
Unit 3 Basic Blog Writing Formula: Informational Style  
Unit 4 Basic Blog Writing Formula: Writing Reviews  
Unit 5 Titles Are Important!  
Unit 6 Links: Outbound, Inbound, and Internal  
Unit 7 Categorizing Your Blog  
Unit 8 Using Keywords  
Module 21 Basic Video Production
Unit 1 What and Why  
Unit 2 Pre-Recorded Video  
Unit 3 Live Streaming Video  
Unit 4 Screencasting Video  
Unit 5 Lighting and Sound  
Module 22 Content Marketing: Video
Unit 1 Branding for Video  
Unit 2 Marketing with Video  
Unit 3 Content  
Unit 4 Strategies  
Module 23 Content Marketing: Podcasts
Unit 1 Strategy Behind Podcasting  
Unit 2 Cultivating Guests (Cold Leads)  
Unit 3 Being a Guest  
Module 24 Content Marketing: Quora
Unit 1 Traffic Tactic: Move people from Quora to YouTube  
Module 25 Intermediate Website Design
Unit 1 Learning Objectives  
Unit 2 Lead Capture Page Design  
Unit 3 Lead Page for Free Consult  
Unit 4 Video Pitch for Freebie that Builds Your List  
Unit 5 The White Paper/PDF/E-book Offer  
Unit 6 Sales Pages  
Module 26 Facebook Marketing Strategies
Unit 1 What's the Value of Facebook?  
Unit 2 Create a Cover Photo  
Unit 3 Add Call to Action Button to Facebook Business Page  
Unit 4 Fill out About Section on Business Page  
Unit 5 Activate Messenger Bot at Business Page  
Unit 6 Facebook Post Tactics  
Unit 7 Facebook Event Tactics  
Unit 8 Facebook Engagement Tactics  
Unit 9 Get Images to Show When you Share Your Website to Facebook  
Unit 10 Turn Your Page or Profile Into a Lead Magnet  
Module 27 Basic Copywriting
Unit 1 What Copy Should You Be Writing?  
Unit 2 Headlines and Sub-Headlines  
Unit 3 Crafting a Lead Sentence  
Unit 4 Finding the Right Voice  
Unit 5 Creating Narratives  
Unit 6 Sales Copy  
Unit 7 Features vs Benefits  
Unit 8 Using Testimonials in Your Copy  
Module 28 Email Marketing
Unit 1 Create a List  
Unit 2 Create a Signup Form  
Unit 3 Create Emails in aWeber  
Unit 4 Personalize Emails  
Unit 5 Manage Subscribers  
Unit 6 Create a Subscriber Segment Using Tags  
Unit 7 Create a Campaign  
Module 29 Artificial Intelligence Tools
Unit 1 AI Language Generators  
Unit 2 Text to Image Generators  
Unit 3 Boost Your Business with AI  
Unit 4 Improve Your Show with AI  
Module 30 Funnel Marketing
Unit 1 Develop a Lead Magnet  
Module 31 Free Design Resources
Unit 1 Discover Color Palettes for Graphic Design, Website Development  
Unit 2 Royalty Free Photo, Graphic, and Video Sourcing  
Unit 3 Graphic Design Using Canva  
Unit 4 Resources for Video Editing  
Unit 5 Resources for Audio Editing  
Unit 6 Royalty Free Music  
Module 32 Payment Solutions
Unit 1 What Are Your Options?  
Unit 2 Using PayPal  
Module 33 Search Engine Optimization
Unit 1 Understanding Semantic Search  
Unit 2 Improve Your Website's SEO with Rank Math Plugin  
Unit 3 How Google Search Console Helps Your SEO  
Unit 4 Google My Business  
Unit 5 Improve SEO Value of Your Site by Putting Links in Blog Articles  
Module 34 Use Discord for Creating Online Communities
Unit 1 Creating a Discord Server  
Unit 2 Creating Channels on Discord  
Unit 3 Creating User Roles  
Module 35 Index
Unit 1 Index  
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