Consulting Hypnotism Methods

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We are a state licensed school in New Hampshire offering an online hypnotist training.

Module 1 What is Hypnosis?
Unit 1 What is Hypnosis?  
Unit 2 Hypnotizability vs Suggestibility  
Unit 3 Hypnoidal States  
Unit 4 Beyond the Curriculum: What Most Hypnotists Don't Know About Hypnosis  
Unit 5 The Power of Ritual  
Module 2 Suggestibility and Depth
Unit 1 Understanding Suggestibility  
Unit 2 Suggestibility Test: Arms Rising and Falling  
Unit 3 Suggestibility Test: Chevreul's Pendulum  
Unit 4 Suggestibility Test: Hand Clasp  
Unit 5 Suggestibility Test: Postural Sway Test  
Unit 6 An Important Observational Lesson  
Unit 7 Assessing Depth  
Unit 8 How to Hypnotize  
Module 3 Inductions and Suggestion Management
Unit 1 How Inductions Function  
Unit 2 Induction: Magnetic Hands  
Unit 3 Induction: Single Magnetic Hand  
Unit 4 Induction: Fractionation Method  
Unit 5 Induction: Elman  
Unit 6 Induction: Seated Shock/Confusion Method  
Unit 7 How Suggestions Function  
Unit 8 Post-hypnotic Suggestions  
Unit 9 Conscious and Unconscious Mind  
Module 4 Anesthesia, Smoking Cessation, Regression
Unit 1 Basic Client Intake  
Unit 2 Anesthesia Management  
Unit 3 Smoking Cessation  
Unit 4 Client Session: Smoking Cessation  
Unit 5 Understanding Age Regression  
Unit 6 Client Session: Fear of Heights  
Module 5 Weight Reduction and Stress Management
Unit 1 Stress Management  
Unit 2 Beyond the Curriculum: The Amygdala's Role in Stress  
Unit 3 Stress, Fear, and Fat: The Role of Cortisol  
Unit 4 Stress Management Project  
Unit 5 Client Session: Nicole  
Module 6 Professional Ethics
Unit 1 Professional Ethics  
Module 7 Additional Scripts and Techniques
There are no units in this module.
Module 8 Final Review and Exam
Unit 1 How to Review for Your Exam  
Unit 2 Take Your Final Exam  
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