Demonstrational Hypnosis: Boost Your Confidence With Stage-Like Skills!

Consulting hypnotists can benefit from using some of the same skills stage hypnotists use. This course will teach you how to give powerful hypnosis demonstrations for groups and individuals.

Module 1 Overview and Learning Objectives
Unit 1 The Philosophy Behind This Course
Unit 2 Course Learning Objectives
Unit 3 Week One Video Support
Unit 4 Mission and Message
Module 2 Fast Inductions
Unit 1 Hand Clasp Suggestibility Test/Induction
Unit 2 Single Magnetic Hand Induction
Unit 3 Magnetic Hands Induction
Unit 4 Hand Press Shock Induction
Unit 5 Forward Facing Shock Induction
Module 3 How to Demo for Maximum Effect
Unit 1 Your Long Demonstration
Unit 2 Your Medium Demonstration
Unit 3 Your Short Demonstration
Unit 4 Module 3 Support Video
Module 4 How to Get Demo Opportunities
Unit 1 Go Specific, Not General
Unit 2 Solve Someone's Problem
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