Consulting hypnotists can benefit from using some of the same skills stage hypnotists use. This course will teach you how to give powerful hypnosis demonstrations for groups and individuals.

Module 1 Overview and Learning Objectives
Unit 1 The Philosophy Behind This Course
Unit 2 Course Learning Objectives
Unit 3 Week One Video Support
Unit 4 Mission and Message
Module 2 Fast Inductions
Unit 1 Hand Clasp Suggestibility Test/Induction
Unit 2 Single Magnetic Hand Induction
Unit 3 Magnetic Hands Induction
Unit 4 Hand Press Shock Induction
Unit 5 Forward Facing Shock Induction
Unit 6 Module Two Support Video
Module 3 How to Demo for Maximum Effect
Unit 1 Your Long Demonstration
Unit 2 Your Medium Demonstration
Unit 3 Your Short Demonstration
Unit 4 Module 3 Support Video
Module 4 How to Get Demo Opportunities
Unit 1 Go Specific, Not General
Unit 2 Solve Someone's Problem
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