Video Marketing for Hypnotists

This course teaches hypnotists how to leverage the power of video to build their brand and grow their business.

Module 1 Branding, Marketing, and Content Creation
Unit 1 Overview of Branding
Unit 2 Marketing, In a Nutshell
Unit 3 Content Creation
Module 2 Getting Started: You Have to be Properly Connected!
Unit 1 Getting Connected
Unit 2 Third Party Live Video Platforms
Module 3 Production Value: Light and Sound
Unit 1 Overview and Learning Objectives
Unit 2 Three Point Lighting
Unit 3 Having Good Sound
Unit 4 Post Production: Editing Your Video
Module 4 Video Facilitation Strategy
Unit 1 Branding, Strategy, and Content Creation
Unit 2 What is Semantic Search?
Unit 3 Strategy #1: Hangouts for Pure Content Creation
Unit 4 Strategy #2: The Interview Series
Unit 5 Strategy #3: Live Engagement With an "Audience"
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