Hypnotist Paul Ramsay prepares to go on tour. Usually it's Paul hypnotizing others, but in the series premier of "Hypnotic" it's Ramsay who needs some hypnosis.

Huge thanks and much love to everybody at Seacoast Kettlebell for letting "Hypnotic" invade the gym for a day, and to Ed Lane for providing a hypnosis consultation for Paul. You helped make this episode possible!


Paul Ramsay tours the United States performing stage hypnotism. He hypnotizes over 1500 people each year and performs for about 15,000 people each year. What happens when you make your living on stage, but nobody really knows who you are?


Stage hypnosis is a unique form of entertainment.

When my phone rang, the caller ID said it was a colleague from the world of stage hypnosis.  I smiled as I answered, knowing that he always makes me laugh and something good was coming.  Boy, was I surprised.
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