If you're going to operate in different entertainment markets, it's important to keep in mind that some of those markets take issues of diversity and inclusion very seriously. Being properly prepared to work your show in almost any environment has benefits for you and your audience.

Having an electronic press kit is an important part of your marketing system. It helps you get bookings, and it also helps you support the clients who book you in promoting your show. In this online program, we'll take you through the process of building an outstanding EPK.

This online program is intended to assist entertainment hypnotists in better understanding how insurance works and how they might reduce the risk of having a claim filed against them.

Terry Stokes is arguably the most successful entertainment hypnotist in American history. How did he do it? By unlocking his own powers of self-confidence, his sense of purpose, expanding his sense of possibility, and committing fully to his success.

In this program, Terry shares the "key" to unlocking these qualities and growth areas.

Artificial intelligence tools are a game changing resource for small business owners, and hypnotists are no exception. In this short course, begin your introduction to using AI tools to increase your productivity and boost your creativity.  The results will astound you!

Learn what it takes to four wall your own hypnosis shows from a Las Vegas professional.  Michael Johns will teach you what it takes to successfully four wall at different venues.

This entry level course will teach the basics of hypnotism.

Helping you clarify your vision and build a better practice.

Consulting hypnotists can benefit from using some of the same skills stage hypnotists use. This course will teach you how to give powerful hypnosis demonstrations for groups and individuals.

How to plan, market, and implement a stage hypnosis fundraiser program that will help student groups raise funds while also earning you a profit.