Learn what it takes to four wall your own hypnosis shows from a Las Vegas professional.  Michael Johns will teach you what it takes to successfully four wall at different venues.

This entry level course will teach the basics of hypnotism.

Helping you clarify your vision and build a better practice.

Consulting hypnotists can benefit from using some of the same skills stage hypnotists use. This course will teach you how to give powerful hypnosis demonstrations for groups and individuals.

How to plan, market, and implement a stage hypnosis fundraiser program that will help student groups raise funds while also earning you a profit.

An introductory course to the practice of self-hypnosis.

This course teaches hypnotists how to leverage the power of video to build their brand and grow their business.

This free, 10 hour course will give you a basic understanding of hypnotism and help you "dip your toe in the water."

Learn stage hypnotism from one of the leading hypnotists in the United States.

hypnotist online training

We are a state licensed school in New Hampshire offering an online hypnotist training.